Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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  1. This was our very first trip on F&TC. This little hole-in-the-wall place, hidden from the very contrasted busy downtown streets, was recommended by Santiago. Upon arrival, the one thing one will notice immediately is the lack of parking, however, where this little Mexican gem lacked in particular areas, it sure made up in the quality of service and food. Although, the name of the place will confuse many (La Luna) Las Palmas is a little food stand right outside of (La Luna) that is family run. Apparently, the owners of (La Luna) allow Las Palmas to open the restaurant at night to provide customers with a sit-down place. Las Palmas is headed by the mother doing all the cooking and daughter taking orders. I tried the tostada de carne deshebrada and the torta de carne asada. The tostada was amazing with the tostada freshly fried and the shredded beef juicy and tasty. Topped with true Mexican creama (sour cream) and Parmesan cheese this food choice was the rock star of the night. As for the torta it lacked in a few things, such as lack of mayo and meat. The bread however, was very soft and was generously packed and loaded with fresh avocados. Nonetheless, Las Palmas was a great start to our many food journey's to come. And because it had a juke-box filled with many classic Mexican ranchera's, this made it the complete deal with great food, service, and entertainment. I will update later with the final grade.